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Authorized Users may retrieve, display, download and print out copies of individual articles or other items from the online form of the Publications. Such copying shall be limited to making single copies of a reasonable number of individual items. Authorized Users may only transmit items from the Publications to other Authorized Users. Authorized Users may copy items from the online form of the Publications into other applications, but such items may be copied only as a complete page.  Authorized Users may not dismantle the content of this page to isolate components of the page, including but not limited to, its text and image(s).  Authorized Users may not erase, delete or modify Thieme copyright notices included on the Publications. Single copies of the electronic version of articles can be printed out and the print copies may be used by Authorized Users in accordance with their usual and customary policies and practices and applicable copyright laws. Electronic copies of the Publications or portions of the Publications shall not be transmitted to others than Authorized Users. Sale or rental of the articles or pages is not permitted. Demonstration to the public is not allowed. The user is prohibited from downloading entire books or large sections of a book or books. The use of applications other than those integrated in the product to download material is prohibited. In using this platform, the user acknowledges and confirms, that the material provided is protected by copyright and that the exclusive copyright remains with the registered copyright owners. The user is not authorized to change, adapt, transform, dismantle or translate the contents of the publications, or to create derived works on basis of the provided contents of the publications, or to use such material in a way that would infringe copyright of this material. All copyright notes, other instructions or disclaimers of the publisher in the online version of the publication, or all other screen texts must not be removed or altered in any way. Distribution of the password to third parties is not permitted. The publisher reserves the right to investigate cases of suspected unauthorized use or other contract violations and to take appropriate actions against, or prohibit the usage of this service by infringers. The Publisher also reserves the right to make claims for compensation or damages if these terms of use are violated. Any use that differs from the terms listed above requires the written consent of the Publisher. If you have any questions, please Contact us